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Palestra do Prof. Tom Kvan, Dean of Faculty Architecture Building and Planing, The University of Melbourne, Australia; coordenador do projeto "Campus as a living laboratory".

Data: 3ªf – 18/11/2014
Local: Auditório da FEC / Unicamp
Hora: 15h30min
A palestra será em inglês

Resumo: A university is a place of knowledge creation and dissemination. In considering the development of a campus as a case study, we think of the research activities and learning opportunities while also considering the infrastructure, i.e. we consider the software and the hardware. With ubiquity of access and computing, the local experience of place is enhanced. What can this mean in a campus and what might we learn from this that is of importance for broader communities?

Realizaçāo: Samsung Research Institute Brazil, as part of Samsung Distinguished Speaker Program.

Organizaçāo: LAPAC