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Palestra aberta à comunidade: Arquitetura, design e comportamento na era digital (Arquiteto Guto Requena)

>> Palestra aberta à comunidade: Arquitetura, design e comportamento na era digital (Arquiteto Guto Requena) <<

Data: 28/outubro/2014, 3af

Hora: 17h30-18h30

Local: Auditório da FEC - UNICAMP, Rua Saturnino de Brito, 224, Cidade
ia Zeferino Vaz, Campinas - São Paulo

Patrocínio: Saint-Gobain
Organização: LAPAC

Guto Requena is a Brazilian architect and designer (Sorocaba, Brazil, November 27, 1979) graduated in Architecture & Urbanism from the São Carlos Engineering School, a faculty of the University of São Paulo in 1999.
Guto Requena is the Creative Director of the Estudio Guto Requena which acts in all areas where design is of the essence, in its most varied scales: objects, interiors, architecture and cities.
He founded Estudio Guto Requena in 2008 and has ever since acted as a design consultant, writer and professor in addition to developing interior architecture, interactive installations and product design.
Requena is representative of a new generation of architects and designers involved in the discussion of interactivity and its effects on
architecture and design; his work focuses in new digital technologies,
cyberculture, hybrid realities, new lifestyles, affective memory and
Brazilian culture.
His interest in this field led him to work during nine years as an integrant of the research group “NOMADS.usp – Center of Interactive Living Studies of the University of São Paulo”, which in its turn led him to a Master’s degree at the University of São Paulo and respective dissertation Hybrid Habitation: Interactivity and Experience in the Cyberculture Era(2007).
Some of his best-known works are the São Paulo nightclub Hot Hot (2009), the collection of vases “Once Upon a Time", the "Samba Collection", the 3D printed "Noize Chair", the exhibition Musical Tour of São Paulo, the interactive space for “Agência D3” (2011),[15] and the Walmart.com brazilian headquarters. In 2012 Guto was selected by Google to develop the project for their brazilian headquarter in São Paulo.